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What is Markads?

Markads is a well structured and systematic ads run by Mark to get businesses, product and services advertised for their owners, making them visible and accessible to to largest population of consumers around the world

What is Mark Gift Card?

Mark Gift Cards are electronically robot-generated cards with encrypted decentralized codes used to gift as incentives to Mark users of all categories, Mark publishers and Mark advertisers when they have fulfilled certain algorithm encoded contracts within the Mark Network

How and when do I generate Mark Gift card?

Advertisers generate certain amount of Mark gift cards value of which depends on the nature or density of advertising contract they have fulfilled in the mark system after each 3 consecutive advert placement on Mark. Users and publishers earn Mark Gift cards according to their various categories at every month end. When earned, these cards are automatically delivered to your Mark account dashboard to be redeemed into your Mark gift card electronic wallet

What can I use Mark Gift card for?

For advertisers, they can only use it to place more adverts of equal value on Mark network free of charge. Mark users and publishers can redeem it into their electronic wallet from where they can use it for trade or other activities

Can I withdraw my Mark Gift Card?

Yes, you can withdraw (redeem) your Mark gift card but ONLY into your electronic wallet. You CANNOT however, withdraw it along your other earnings as cash on Mark platform.

Is Mark Gift Card tradable like Amazon gift card and ITune cards?

Yes, Mark gift card will be open to trade in the future with other e-com gift cards counterparts like Amazon gift card, I Tunes card, Walmart and even cryptocurrencies like bitcoin etc. from where you can move it from your electronic wallet and convert to other cash values in the various trade exchanges

Can I withdraw all my earnings from Markadsnetwork any time I want?

Yes, you can withdraw all your earnings anytime you want provided that it has reached our minimum withdrawal threshold of $3.5

Why do you charge a withdrawal fee?

We are only an advert network company. We pay our publishers, users, and incentivize our advertisers with the monies generated through adverts of businesses, products and services on daily basis. This monies are spread to give the ever expanding community of our users a greener pasture, we only collect less than 15% of this generated revenue in order to keep the company running and sustaining millions of businesses and lives across the globe

What MAP Program on Markadsnetwork ?

MAP is a short form of Mark Affiliate Program. This is a program developed by mark to help reward those who promote our community initiatives through inviting their friends and family to benefit from Markadsnetwork solutions to businesses. Only Mark principal and Premium users belong to this MAP program by default. Others who wish to benefit from it can upgrade their subscription type to include the MAP program in their package.

Are promoters different from publishers?

Yes, promoters are different from publishers.

What is promoters club and what do they do?

Publishers publish mark ads across various media in the internet whereas promoters are those who form the Mark promoters club which in addition to other earning possibilities earn by introducing advertisers to Markadsnetwork. A promoter earns 10% of the advert payment of his referred advertiser for life for each time the advertiser places an ad on Only premium users and publishers are in this club by default. Others who wish to benefit from this club can upgrade their subscription type to include the Promoter's club in their package.

What can lead to my Mark account being suspended?

Your Mark account can be marked for suspension if you are found to violate any of our terms and conditions of use of Mark or any of our privacy policies. Your account will be banned, suspended or blocked if you post pornographic contents, malware, or other adult contents which violate our privacy policy and that of the third parties affiliated to us. You are therefore, advised to have a better look at our privacy policy *here*

Can a suspended Mark account be reopened?

Yes, a suspended Mark account can be reopened if only you can write us on why you defaulted our privacy policy and on why we should reconsider you as changed for good and your account reopened

How can I learn more about Markadsnetwork and get my other questions not found on FAQ answered?

If your question is not in our FAQ or you think that you need more clarification and want to learn more about Markadsnetwork then click *here* to send your questions to our support experts or use the live chat box to communicate with our online agents. Thank you

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